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A.I. and Cybersecurity

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Most people are now aware of the recent advancements in A.I. with ChatGPT from OpenAI as the one causing the most buzz. Before going any further, it’s important to mention a few items of interest that have a significant impact on the discussion, without diving too deep into the technological rabbit hole.

  • Valuable
    The ChatGPT service is based on an RLHF model, Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback. So, even though the size of the code amounts to a few thousand lines, the worth lies in resources required to train the model, both in terms of human resources but also in terms of computer power. Hence, the trained models are of substantial value and should be considered as such.

  • Unstoppable
    Yes, the progressive development in A.I. cannot be stopped. This is simply due to how Big Tech makes business and the never-ending quest for revenue. The demand from the shareholders overshadows anything else so if the companies want to survive, they must continue the development of A.I. regardless of the consequences.

  • Singularity
    With this accelerating progression comes the inevitable question of how far we are from achieving AGI, Artificial General Intelligence. Some experts say that it’s only a few years away and others talk in terms of decades. What they all agree upon though is that it is inevitable that human intelligence will eventually be surpassed by A.I. rendering humanity as the inferior species for the first time in human history.

Now, how will A.I. impact cybersecurity? The truth is that it already has. The number of threats is increasing exponentially and has been doing so for quite some time. This means that the tools used by analysts for detection purposes must leverage A.I. to be able to keep up with the pace. With the introduction of A.I. in social engineering attacks such as phishing, an entire new level of sophistication and automation will be achieved. As these models already have passed the Turing test, once A.I. is included in the malicious services, it will have a profound impact on the cybersecurity threat landscape. The question is not if but rather when it will happen and if we are up for the challenge.

It all boils down to the matter of trust and is not limited to cybersecurity. More or less every part of society will be affected by A.I. and it will be next to impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. Validation of information and verification of sources will be even more prevalent in the not-too-distant future when one will constantly have to ask oneself; What is the truth?

"Trust no-one,
question everything"

              Thomas Öberg, Itm8 AB (thomas.oberg@itm8.se)


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